About Me

Ashley Arciero is a Pro Multimedia Certified Makeup Artist in Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in editorial and bridal makeup. 


Ashleys ability to enhance the beauty of her clients and models has helped her skills flourish as a makeup artist in photoshoots, special events, bridal, and many more. 


Ashleys love for art and makeup started at a very early age.  At age 4 and 13 she won 2 pageants as Miss Tiny and Teen in her hometown.  As she grew older she started practicing makeup on herself and friends. Then became to realize this was her passion and was just one step closer to becoming a career.


Ashley wanted to start some kind of brand in the makeup field. Lashes have always been her favorite accessory in creating makeup looks.  She then started her own mink false eyelash line called " Beautypoplashes" back in 2017 that has made her career blossom.  People often ask  why call it "Beautypop?"  Her nickname for years was " lollipop"  so she  incorporated that into the brand to make it unique and meaningful. Ashley  later on studied Multimedia makeup artistry at Academy of Glam in South Florida, earning her certificate as a Power Pro Master Makeup Artist. 

Today Ashley is devoted in making women look flawless as well as  creating and working with other amazing artists! "No face is exactly like another. That is what makes it so beautiful and exciting."

Ashley has the ability to travel worldwide.